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Our Business Intelligence solutions allow you to make better decisions and improve your business processes by delivering meaningful information and actionable insight to decision makers throughout your organisation.
BI solutions streamline and accelerate the processes of gathering, analysing, reporting, and planning key business information. By enhancing the tools, manager’s use and the information they have, simplifying complex choices and giving your company a competitive advantage. Business Intelligence turns data into information, it makes issues clear and transparent, it really allows end users to ‘see the wood from the trees’

What it does

Enables users to quickly create any kind of corporate report, from simple spreadsheets to multi-page graphic booklets, simply by positioning and configuring data aware objects on the screen, with no need for any programming.

Analytics supply role-based and industry-based reports, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPI’s) and analytics for business users across the enterprise.

Creation of great individualised dashboards in a web browser/iPad/mobile device becomes quick and easy. A web based front end of data visualization, including reports, analysis, dashboards, and data entry. Users can create planning and reporting interfaces without needing any programming skills.
With self-service dashboards, these tasks can be carried out independently by business users.

Users can make in-depth analyses of the trends highlighted by the dashboards scorecards by using the native drill-down and drill-through functions to explore the events and dynamics affecting the various KPI’s to the lowest level of detail.


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Self service dashboards


Key features

  • Unlimited report authors and consumers
  • A single integrated framework reporting, viewing, querying, analysing and running your BI and CPM applications.
  • Self-service queries performed across multiple data sources using relational or multidimensional data.
  • Easy to use: all users, regardless of their business or technical level can easily drill down, drill through, slice and dice, rank, sort, and forecast to gain greater insight into trends, causes and effects.
  • Self-service dashboarding and reporting
  • A single integrated software system environment to manage data from different core areas such as sales, marketing, finance, HR, logistics and distribution.
  • Adaptable to any data source.
  • Empower anyone in your organization to monitor and analyse performance-easily.

Our multi-vendor approach allows us to offer the best-in-breed solution for your company’s needs and budget.

CFMS partners with you from project scoping to sign-off to ensure that you maximise the return on your investment.

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