CFMS Install MIS Alea V5

MIS DecisionWare Version 5.

MIS Decisionware and especially MIS Alea, the multi-dimensional database at the heart of most of CFMS’s customer solutions has been dramatically improved in terms of scalability, speed and features.

New features at both back and front ends of the product are designed to enhance usability, maintainability and scalability of the analytic solutions.

Key highlights:

Rename dimension elements
New selection of attributes in Dim-Browser
Attribute searches
Integrated Splasher toolbar
Browser improvements
Loop over Vision Serduct Data (For Sun and other Ledger users)
Subsets and element list in rules
New worksheet functions
Show hidden browser settings
Consolidated elements below children
Other changes and improvements
New dimension editor
Resizable dialogs

We have upgraded a few customers to version 5 and are currently testing it with them. For more information or to arrange a demo contact us.

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