CFMS sign agreement with STAS GmbH, (an Imtech AV company), to resell and implement Imtech Control.

David Bayliss, who has overall responsibility at CFMS for the product stream said, “Imtech Control offers a full Corporate Performance Management Environment. Imtech Control provides full ETL capabilities generating a pre-configured warehouse. Imtech control leverages various premium class technologies at it’s front end such as Cognos, Business Objects, Cubeware and Infor. In addition the predefined user content is structured logically cascading from summary level reports, scorecards etc at a Management level through to in-depth detail for Power Users and Analysts.”

Bayliss added, “the most compelling reason for implementing Imtech Control is the speed of which the data warehouse can be delivered. Traditional implementations take 200-400 days; we can provide a solution “out of the box” and “fit for purpose” in a few weeks. Savings for the customer can be immense.”

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