Corporate Performance Management



Our Corporate Performance Management solutions enable organisations to combine planning processes with budgeting, forecasting, reporting and scorecarding –effectively aligning performances with corporate strategic vision.

What it does
Strategy Management
Achieve your organisations strategic goals from within a single environment that can build a strategic plan, established targets for successful completion, and monitor the plan against actual performance.
You get an intuitive framework for linking your strategic plans to operational plans, performance measures and people.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting
Integrate and streamline planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes to save time, improve accuracy and incorporate specialised plans like sales planning or workforce budgeting.
Departments are empowered to resource-efficient teamwork and to access consistent plan data and workflow management features.

Create an ad-hoc and what-if scenario analysis yourself with the easy-to-use Excel and web interference. Write back data from all front ends (Excel, web) to the integrated OLAP database and store them consistently.

Use the solution in all front ends for default reporting and customizable and clearly visualised reports and integrate them in all common office applications at the push of a button. Use web or mobile devices to access central reports and view them in real-time.

Key Features

  • Create strategic plans quickly and easily, and cascade strategies throughout your organisation.
  • Create tactical plans and link them to your strategic plans.
  • Predict trends, create accurate models, and monitor performance against plans.
  • Build financial and workforce budgets at the level of detail you require.
  • Monitor budget submissions and approvals anytime, anywhere.
  • Single vision of the truth ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
  • Complete management of workflow, audit trial, versioning, scenarios and approval status process.
  • Simultaneous multi-users can access each model with ability to drill-through ad-hoc queries to provide detail and transparency behind the numbers.
  • Data extraction and validation from ERP, databases, spreadsheets and other data sources.
  • Ease of maintenance changes only have to be made in one place, and all other references are automatically updated throughout the model.

Our multi-vendor approach allows us to offer the best-in-breed solution for your company’s needs and budget.

CFMS partners with you from project scoping to sign-off to ensure that you maximise the return on your investment.

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