Escaping the shackles of the spreadsheet: how data analytics is revolutionising financial planning

It’s time businesses turned their backs on time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Like it or not, firms of all shapes and sizes need to engage in financial planning on a regular basis – which typically means trawling through spreadsheet after spreadsheet of financial data to make sure that their business plans are both reasonable and achievable.

Trying to make sense of this glut of complex data is the least of their problems, though – what about all of the painful processes that lead up to that point?

Processes like data acquisition, validation, number crunching and reporting can cause major headaches during the planning process and create a significant drain on valuable resources.

Managing these different processes can be even more challenging when you consider the multiple data sources and countless structural and numerical changes that occur during the planning lifecycle.

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