25 May 2016 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Accelerate your business performance!

Register now to discover how an integrated suite of financial corporate performance management and BI applications can deliver new insights into your business performance.

This webinar will cover how you can:
• Create management reporting in minutes not hours
• Build composite reports from the same data used for management reporting
• See how the bodyshop, sales and service departments contribute to overall performance
• Be sure your weekly sales forecasts are accurate
• View sales and organisational data in real time for faster decision making
• Easily create professional and attractive web based dashboards

CFMS has significant experience implementing solutions for the automotive sector. See below a selection of our clients:

Car dealership logos porshe vospers ford retail harwoods group

A representative from Porsche had this to say about the product they have implemented:

Quote box Porche Infor for Car dealerships Edited

Benefits for your business:

• Drastically reduces your budget cycle – from months to weeks
• Provides powerful “what if” analysis and forecasts
• Easily create on demand “drag drop” reporting
• Flexible workflow and peace of mind security
• Easily produce professional and attractive web based dashboards
• Accessible from anywhere

We look forward to speaking to you!