Webinar: Driving Growth With Predictive Analytics

20 October 2016 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
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Predictive Analytics; Future and Beyond

Learn how to better understand customer needs and business processes in ways that drive business results in this educational session.

Predictive analysis provides organisations with clear, actionable initiatives based on existing company data and is a natural extension of related corporate initiatives in areas such as web analytics, business analytics and data mining.

Register now for our interactive webinar ‘Driving Growth with Predictive Analytics’ where you will discover the numerous potential applications for predictive analytics and statistical forecasting in your business.

Benefits of predictive analytics include;

  • One Click Forecasting – Seasonally trended statistical forecasting based on any level of data you require; product, office, salesmen etc
  • Acquisition Modelling – Run multiple scenarios with different variables in minutes, layered with your existing budgets and forecasts
  • Asset Return Calculations – Predict future returns by cycling through the permutations of multiple variables
  • Analyse Big Data Sets – Calculate key business metrics such as OEE and ROI from your transactional data