Webinar: Turning budgets into profits using data in the Hospitality industry

11 April 2016 10:00 am - 11:00 am
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The Hospitality industry is a very competitive one. Consistent bookings and occupancy are the end result of effective management of budgets. Data is generated by every department in a hospitality business, imagine being able to make those essential decisions in sufficient time to make the most of current events?

Join CFMS to learn how:
• Data can be secured and filtered by user for effective control
• Benchmarks can be set for alerts as a warning sign to take action when needed
• Data can be merged from multiple sources into a single location to produce reports
• Using advanced analytics to visually assess your data in seconds will enable faster decision making

Benefits for your business:
• Drastically reduces your budget cycle – from months to weeks
• Provides powerful “what if” analysis and forecasts
• Easily create on demand “drag and drop” reporting – no data input!
• Flexible workflow and peace of mind security
• End user production of professional and attractive web based dashboards

Current Hospitality companies that are reaping the benefits of using the Jedox product and saving money:

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