Financial Consolidation



Our Financial Consolidation solutions address the challenges that multi-entity, multi-currency organisations face today with intercompany reconciliations, consolidation adjustments and the need to keep up with the latest group reporting standards, both UK GAAP and iGAAP.

Turn-key functionality merges data from different locations and across multiple general ledgers, performing multi-currency conversions and eliminating time consuming and non-compliant spreadsheet based processes.
Financial Consolidation allows organisations to streamline the consolidation process; you also improve its auditability, transparency and business value to your organisation.

CFMS’s unique consultancy team of accountants as well as technology specialists makes solving your accounting issues on consolidation simpler.



What it does
Let’s you quickly and accurately collect, consolidate, and report data from operating units around the globe, including those with disparate general ledger systems, charts of accounts, and transactional systems.
Financial consolidation allows you to decrease cycle time and improve accuracy by automating the loading, consolidation and validation of data from multiple organizational units. Because the data and changes are consolidated in a central, secure database, you instantly arrive at a single version of the truth not easily attained using spreadsheets.


The application automatically handles exchange gains and losses, whilst generating consolidation adjustments such as a minority interests, joint ventures, intercompany balances and inter group trading and recharges.
Allows you to manage the ownership and control percentages of subsidiaries and associate enterpris-es that are aggregated and the method at which it happens, also allowing sub consolidation to be undertaken as part of the same process.
Provides a complete audit trail on all consolidation steps, allowing you to review changes and providng the transparency needed to satisfy internal and external auditors.
Create standard financial reports based on your current data, it also generates exception reports and color-coded, interactive analytics to help you analyse your business.

Key features

  • Write off/ revaluation of investments
  • Automatic calculation of depreciation and amortisation
  • Creation and comparison of unlimited scenarios (Actual, Budget, Forecast, etc.)
  • Multiple and customizable closing periods (Year, Quarter, Month, etc.)
  • Currency conversion with exchange rate difference calculation.
  • Elimination of I/C mark-up on inventory
  • Journal entries at company and group level.
  • Dividends elimination.
  • Multilingual
  • Intercompany transactions (receivables, payables, expenses/revenues)
  • Investments (Holding Company)/Equity (Subsidiaries.)
  • Integration with MS Word. Your Financial Statements linked directly and updated automatically from your consolidation solution from CFMS

Our multi-vendor approach allows us to offer the best-in-breed solution for your company’s needs and budget.

CFMS partners with you from project scoping to sign-off to ensure that you maximise the return on your investment.

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