Infor committed to long term development of MIS DecisionWare.

Version 6 is planned for release in September 2007 with a number of key enhancements to the user interface (support for Windows® VistaTM, etc.) and to its efficiency and ease of use.

The MIS DecisionWare platform, which includes MIS Alea and MIS onVision, delivers industry-specific applications that provide actionable information for various industries and business functions pervasively across your enterprise. The software addresses such things as warehouse management analysis and reporting, financial analysis, sales analysis, manufacturing analysis, and human resources analysis. These pre-built analytic applications include models, reports, and dashboards, and deep enterprise application integration based on a BI platform. This solution set ensures a high ROI, low total cost of ownership, and the use of industry best practices.

Whether you need standardized monthly sales reports or daily in-depth analyses, Infor has the right tools to meet your needs. Help your employees work more effectively by giving them accurate information at the right time to do their daily work. These solutions can be integrated into existing IT investments and offer scalability from department to enterprise levels, enabling you to actively manage and monitor your company’s performance. Key solution features include:

  • Built-in business intelligence. MIS DecisionWare understands complex business definitions and stores currency conversions and other business rules in a single location, simplifying administration.
  • Enterprise-wide data exchange. This solution automates data flow between headquarters and subsidiaries.
  • Customised solutions. Satisfy your unique corporate requirements.
  • Flexible technology. Adapt solutions quickly and easily to keep up with changing requirements.
  • One-stop shop. MIS DecisionWare can provide all solutions and services for the finance department and beyond.
  • Cost-effective deployment and simplified maintenance. Out-of-the-box applications speed up deployments, and low-effort maintenance minimizes costs.

12-month view

Infor will enrich, extend, and further evolve the MIS DecisionWare solution during the 2007 development year. The name will change, however, to Infor PM Business Specific Analytics (BSAs).
Key development areas this year include:

  • Developing functionality specifically for Infor SCM (Supply Chain Management) users, including SCM Labor Planning Analysis, and SCM Warehouse Management Analysis and Reporting.
  • Modelling of independent report templates.
  • Enabling multiple web reports/views to be accessed at once, allowing the display of more sophisticated dashboards and scorecards.
  • Simplifying the ongoing maintenance of OLAP models modified by multiple users.
  • Allowing the creation of OLAP models based on Infor PM BPAs, synchronizing data and structures, and enabling the reading and reporting of information directly from within an Infor PM BPA.
  • Enhancing process control for easy integration of different data sources via DataLinks.
  • Simplifying the Microsoft Excel interface and syntax, combining the modelling capabilities with the powerful ad hoc query functionality.
  • Releasing technical updates for the underlying operating systems and platforms including Microsoft® Vista, Microsoft® Office 2007, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7

3-year horizon

Looking beyond the next 12 months, Infor will continue to support, enhance, and develop Infor PM BSAs as a core component of the Infor PM solution. Focus areas will include:

  • New applications. Infor’s goal is to offer new analytic applications that leverage the information stored in transaction source systems, allowing for proactive management of organizational performance.
  • Analytic platform. Infor will provide a platform to allow for the use of OLAP, analysis, and analytic tools that will enable us to package our industry- and role-specific knowledge into analytical applications.
  • Public reporting. We will incorporate XBRL capabilities for the external reporting of financial and other performance results.
  • Integrations. Infor will provide easy-to-use application bridges and integrations to multiple source systems, including Infor-based open SOA solutions as well as non-Infor based solutions.
  • Platform support. We will ensure that our solution is supported on the latest application server, operating system, and database technologies.
  • Customer-requested enhancements. With a customer advisory board meeting on a quarterly basis, we will continue to include customer enhancements in all our major releases.
  • Globalization. Infor will continue to improve the product’s suitability in the global market, already a clear strength of the solution.

As you can see, Infor is committed to continuing to develop and drive the MIS DecisionWare solution set forward as a critical component of our long-term product strategy.

Version 6 is due for release this September with a number of key enhancements to the user interface (support for Windows Vista, etc.) and to its efficiency and ease of use.

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