Infor10 Corporate Performance Management 10.3.0 release is now generally available

New management reporting and analysis capabilities

  • End users are now able to “Omit Missing” by both row and column. “Phasing” is now available as a fly-out panel which applies to multiple cells at one time. The ad-hoc “calculator” handles omit missing intelligently, providing more concise information to the user during their analysis. The “selection” capability provides the option to the user to decide when they are shown in the analysis grid or chart.
  • A new web-based View Manager greatly reduces the number of steps required to create views, organize them in folders, and makes them available to the users with the advanced functions that previously required scripting. Creating and managing report layouts is now entirely available through a web interface that lets the builder see their work as end users see it as they build the view.

New and simplified user experience

  • Corporate Performance Management is now fully integrated with Microsoft’s SharePoint portal and Infor10 Workspace.
  • Infor10 Workspace integration allows users to navigate easily from one application to another while maintaining a consistent look and feel across all Infor applications. Infor10 Workspace offers a framework for extending Corporate Performance Management with features such as mapping, shortcuts, currency converter, language translator, and more.
  • The SharePoint navigation replaces the Decision Topic and Report application navigation framework from prior versions. It is Infor’s current plan to make available a 10.3.x service pack to provide a non-SharePoint navigation alternative for those customers who choose to deploy the Corporate Performance Management applications in a different portal technology.

New business process capabilities

  • The Approval Process assignment capability now has the option for a role and unit in addition to user. This makes it easier to deploy approval requirements across business processes and provides better insight into the overall configuration.
  • All of the budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation workstation processes, such as consolidation and copy financial data and other, provide a new “stop” option in the process progress window. The “stop” capability terminates the process at the point it is selected and allows for configuration changes to take place before the process is run again.

Better performing and more scalable solution

  • The web and application services have been written to run natively on 64-bit Windows platforms. The size and scope of Corporate Performance Management consolidations can be increased beyond the prior 3GB 32-bit limit, allowing for larger and more complex applications to be consolidated in fewer steps.
  • The copy data, erase data, and start new year capabilities now run as stored procedures within the database management system offering a 10% to 20% performance improvement.

Easy application deployment and business modeling

  • A new Model Builder helps a user walk through a few configuration steps to fully build and populate a multi-dimensional Corporate Performance Management model, and produces reports that can immediately be verified against the source system.
  • Applications built with the new Model Builder have pre-configured drill-thru support from standard web views to detailed transactional data. Support for this feature will be in place for all source applications that integrate data through the use of Corporate Performance Management’s standardized view-based integration.
  • The Corporate Performance Management installation process has been simplified by reducing the number of installable components and automating many of the configuration settings.

Platform and technology updates

  • Corporate Performance Management applications now support Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1, and Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 at the certified level.

Language support

  • English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish are supported. Software updates are included with Corporate Performance Management 10.3.0 and end-user documentation translations are currently expected be provided in the next service release.


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