What’s New in Jedox 6

Transform your business with unified planning and analytics anywhere.


Strengthen planning compliance and monitoring
In Jedox 6, we’ve created a fully transparent audit trail history and workflow management to help you maintain control over your data lineage and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Complete Audit History
  • Instant Workflow

Be more productive with powerful unified views
Jedox 6 introduces powerful unified views to truly data-driven organization. You can share and use views consistently from any device. Smart wizards, comprehensive defaults and extended options make it even easier to design and publish beautiful reports and planning templates.

  • Personalized data views
  • Beautiful by default. Create attractive insights instantly
  • Self-service modelling

Accelerated data performance
We’ve added performance boosters to the Jedox server. The multidimensional in-memory database performs high-speed write-back, calculation, and consolidation. We’ve developed powerful new features, increasing query speed and big data query performance.

  • Business Logic Explorer
  • Performance Monitor
  • Dynamic Data Engine (DDE)

Connected systems. Connected teams.
Jedox 6 enhances your ability to connect and combine data from cloud and on-premise. You can connect and combine heterogeneous data sources into a common view. With Jedox 6 we’ve also enhanced collaboration with a new social collaboration platform. Companies can draw insights more quickly and efficiently coordinate complex planning and reporting across many departments and geographies.



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