Worksheet Server implemented with MIS Alea

If you are thinking about web deployment of your planning system, especially for large numbers of remote users then consider the possibilities of using Worksheet server from Jedox. Worksheet server enables the web-deployment of your DecisionWare based spreadsheets so that all users have access to the same Decisionware models.

Worksheet-Server 2.0 directly connects to MIS ALEA. Individual Excel-Views, which have been created with the ALEA Excel-Integration, can now be delivered as interactive web-pages over the Internet/Intranet (with full read and write support). Jedox is an official Business Partner of Systems Union/MIS.

Worksheet-Server is particularly useful whenever numerical information has to be collected remotely and needs to be analysed and published centrally.

  •     Sales: Sales Projections, Sales Analysis
  •     Controlling: Budgeting- Planning, Benchmarking, Balanced Score Card
  •     Marketing: Market Studies, On-Line questionnaires
  •     Production and Logistics: Supply and Materials Planning
  •     Research: Recording of measurements, questionnaires


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